What was supposed to be a celebration of life ended in the death of two teenagers at a home in northwest Harris County, where blood now stains the sidewalk.

She was in my arms, her life gone, her soul gone. There was nothing I could do, said one teenager, who requested not to be identified.

He was talking about a 16-year-old female pronounced dead at the hospital. An 18-year-old male died at the scene, both victims of gunshot wounds.

The shooting broke out just before 11 p.m. Saturday and for no apparent reason. The sheriff said one person attending the party pulled a pistol and fired celebratory shots into the air.

Then someone else who thinks it s important to carry a pistol to a birthday party decides to pull theirs out and recklessly reacted to the gunfire and shoots into the crowd, said Sheriff Adrian Garcia.

It was a crowd of more than a hundred people. Twenty-one people were wounded, some of them while trying to flee the scene after the shooting started.

It was like a scene from World War Z, said neighbor Rene Negret. There were so many people coming across the lawn. There were kids jumping the fence. One broke his leg trying to get over the fence. I mean it was chaos.

The house party was in honor of Mariah Boulden, who just turned 18 and had been promoting the event on Twitter. She and her mother were outside when the shooting began.

We were trying to get in the house, but we couldn t because the door was locked, and everybody was coming out of everywhere, out the backyard, garage and front door, said Boulden.

It appears the garage door buckled under the force of the crowd fleeing in desperation.

We did hear about people trying to jump out windows to escape the chaos, Garcia said.

He said it was a deadly combination and a deadly lesson for those attending the party.

Don t have a party, said Boulden. Stay at home.

She said people attending the party were patted down for weapons before being allowed inside, but the suspects avoided that by jumping a fence in the backyard.

Investigators said they are developing leads on two suspects, ages 17 and 22, both male. No arrests have been made.

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