HOUSTON -- People in an east Houston neighborhood are terrified after a string of crimes reached a new low Thursday night.

According to officers with the Houston Police Department, someone shot a 16-year-old male four times and then ran away. It happened at the victim s home on Joliet Street near Cimarron Street. A neighbor said he saw the victim wounded at his front door with his mother crying beside him around 9:30 p.m.

Other neighbors said they heard about eight shots in all, and then several men ran from the victim s home. Police arrived minutes later, but they have not yet said what may have been the motive for the shooting.

The teen was shot in his chest, stomach, thigh, and ankle, but police said he is expected to survive.

Area residents said the crime is unsettling.

I don t know what to think, said Arran, a neighbor. A lot of stuff has been happening like this lately. I m concerned. I have a little girl, and my little sister is two years old.

Police have not released a description of the suspects who ran from the scene.

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