HOUSTON -- A 25-year-old Jersey Village woman is looking for another pet to adopt after being denied a dog from a foster family working with the Montgomery County Animal Shelter.

Caryn Rugg said she found a Westie-terrier mix named Wally on the shelter's Facebook page and was directed to the family for more information.

The foster asked her about crating the dog and even how old she was or if she had children.

The response she got after that prompted her to contact KHOU 11 News.

She says that I was too young for a dog and that dogs are expensive and a big commitment, said Rugg.

What did you think about that? asked reporter Tiffany Craig.

I was completely shocked, she replied.

The foster did let Rugg meet Wally and even take pictures with him before ultimately deciding not to let him go.

We went to the shelter for answers and talked to Tim Holifield.

While that is not a question that we would ask, we want to ensure your animals are properly cared for as an adoption process fosters sometimes take it to the next level, he said.

Holifield says they have about 200 foster families and they are crucial to the adoption process.

He believes this case just got personal.

I don t think it was her age, said Holifield. I don't think it was her. I think it was as the fact that this foster continued to look at this animal realized she didn't want to be without it that she had found the perfect home for this foster and it was her home, he said.

The foster family ended up adopting Wally and left Caryn confused. We got a statement from the foster. Her name is Roxanne McDaniel.

I should not have told Caryn I thought she was too young, dogs are expensive and a commitment, I did apologize to her for that comment. I really should have told her I did not want Wally crated all day while she is at work. At best, these are judgment calls.

Rugg will continue her search for a new dog next weekend.

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