BAYTOWN, Texas Two brothers, ages 2 and 4, were found wandering the streets of Baytown by themselves Monday morning, police said.

According to the Baytown Police Department, the children s parents, Amber and Matthew Palamidy, face child endangerment charges.

According to witnesses, several motorists called 911 around 8 a.m. saying there were children wandering along Barkaloo Road.

The cars would stop so they wouldn t hit them. They would knock on the door, but they would just take off and not help them, said Antoinette Shelvin.

However, Shelvin and Yolanda Cavillo were able to help the children. They said the younger boy had no shoes on and had rashes all over his legs. He was also found starved.

He was very hungry, we gave him three glasses of milk and some cereal, Shelvin said. My mother-in-law was trying to change his diaper. He would move away from her. He had sores all over his body.

I only changed the little baby because he was too wet and his feet were without shoes, Cavillo said.

Shelvin and police officers tried to bring the boys home, but the older boy said he didn t want to go home.

When we asked him, do you want to go home, he said No. We knew something was wrong right there, Shelvin said.

Nearly eight hours later, the parents of the boys called police looking for the children. The mother and father told police they put the boys to sleep around 6 a.m. Monday. Then when they went to check on them around 3 p.m., they were gone.

Step up your game, ya ll had him. They are yours. I m 21 and I had to grow up fast for my son, Shelvin said.

The couple is in jail right now, while the children are in foster care, police said.

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