HOUSTON A Facebook page concerning Dickinson High School has students talking and parents worried.

It s named Operation Murder Kill DHS and on it, a post encouraged students to stand up to bullies on campus by rioting and creating a loud episode of rage on Nov. 15.

The Dickinson Independent School District said they are aware of the post, and the Galveston County Sheriff s Office is investigating.

Brena Ostiguin, a twelfth grader, said she will not be attending school that day, and that teachers have also warned her and other students to not feed into the hype.

They re telling us to not to go look on that Facebook page because everyone will be tracked, she said.

The district emailed parents, and said security measures would be stepped up.

At least one person asked Facebook to take the page down, but that request was denied, because it didn t display a credible threat of violence.

Senior Jeneice Richardson said she thought it was a prank gone awry.

I think it was done as a joke, but I think it s going to be more serious now, because the federal people are in it, she said.

Investigators would not confirm if the FBI was involved.

Kristy Celao came to campus Monday to register her daughter at Dickinson High School. But after KHOU showed her the post, she admitted having second thoughts.

You think you re going where it s going to be safe, Celao said. You don t want to be at work and get that phone call.

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