KINGWOOD, Texas -- Anger and heartbreak are sweeping through a Kingwood neighborhood following the death of a baby girl.

Police said the child went into cardiac arrest in the home on Little Cedar Drive around 2 p.m. The baby, believed to be about 1-year-old, was soon pronounced dead at an area hospital.

Investigators camped out at the house for six hours, asking questions and scouring for evidence. At one point, a male with blood stains on his shirt was taken away from the home in handcuffs.

It s every day. Every day in the paper, there s a child dead because of a boyfriend or dead, said neighbor Rose Griffin .

Griffin and other neighbors said the mother and boyfriend of the deceased child argue constantly.

According to neighbors, the couple began renting the Kingwood home about a month ago.

Those people argue all the time. You could go to any house near here and they could tell you, they are arguing all the time, explained Griffin.

Griffin has lived in the neighborhood for 36 years. She said life in the tree lined neighborhood has been peaceful prior to this family moving in.

The long time resident told KHOU she was heartbroken over Friday s news.

They brought that little baby out last night trick or treating. You should ve seen her. She was the most precious little child in the world. Then today, this happens. There is definitely something wrong up there, added Griffin.

Several neighbors said CPS is involved with this family. That was unconfirmed on Friday night.

Houston Police have not ruled this a homicide, and charges have not been filed. Investigators said the child s mother, her boyfriend and several others who live at the home are being questioned.

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