HOUSTON-- A local business owner just received patent approval on his invention to fix the wobbly table.

It's the number one complaint in restaurants across the nation, possibly worldwide, said Steve Christian. Customers don't like walking in to a wobbly table.

Christian owns Christian's Tailgate Bar & Grill in the 7300 block of Washington Avenue.

Customers would just use napkins, sugar packets or beer coasters to correct the wobble while Steve spent years working to find a better solution.

His wife Belinda patiently watched him tinker around their garage for hours.

There was several years when I m looking at it and I m like, uh, admitted Belinda Christian. I did have my doubts.

Christian worked on the idea for about eight years.

He had seven other prototypes before coming up with the Table Jack.

The kit comes with three table glides and the actual Jack that attaches to the fourth leg. Once installed, you don't even have to touch it.

With your foot action, you would step on this lever with any side and it would drop down and stabilize the table, said Christian as he demonstrated the invention. It's simply that easy.

It retails for less than $20 dollars a kit.

Christian is currently only fitting tables with cast iron bases that are primarily found in restaurants.

Click here if you would like more information about the invention.

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