PASADENA, Texas -- A first grader from Fisher Elementary is nursing a broken wrist and her mom believes the school didn't do enough after it happened.

Herminia Castillo fell off the monkey bars.

She landed really, really hard on the floor,' said Herminia's mom Rosalinda Garcia. Not one of the teachers had gone to go and check on her or see if she was okay.

The school let Garcia look at surveillance video from the playground and she noticed it was actually other students who helped Herminia over to the adults.

They weren't supervising her properly to attend to her on time, Garcia said.

We asked Pasadena ISD for the video but they won't release it at this point.

However, district officials tell us that another child was injured moments before and since Herminia's injury didn't appear that serious, they went in order.

The first grader was eventually taken inside.

The teacher took me to the nurse and then the nurse put ice on it and water on it, Castillo said.

Garcia says she got the call about what happened an hour later.

When they were reunited, the 6-year-old was taken to the emergency room. Her fractured wrist means no PE or recess for a little while.

Since Herminia's mom thinks some retraining is in order, district officials have agreed to meet with her next week to talk about it.

No one from Pasadena ISD would talk on camera about the incident but they did send us this statement:

We regret that this first grade student got hurt playing on the playground during recess. Teachers on the playground and the campus R.N. responded quickly and appropriately to this child s injury. The supervising teacher who responded to the injured student got to her within 35 seconds.

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