AUSTIN, Texas -- A Round Rock family is desperate to get back an invaluable item they say was taken when their truck was broken into last week.

Sandra Honeycutt had just picked up her husband Marvin from the airport around 10:30 p.m. last Wednesday. The couple stopped for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings in North Austin at Highway 183 and the frontage road of Interstate 35.

We thought we'd stop there, grab a bite. (We) parked in the front row, right in front of the street light, said Marvin Honeycutt.

The street light didn't prevent someone from breaking into their pick-up and taking a list of items. They stole Marvin s backpack and his laptop, Sandra s purse, their grandson s blanket and a jacket.

I was going to grab my bags and put them back in the bed of the truck and I realized my backpack was gone, said Marvin.

There is one irreplaceable item that was in Sandra s purse, their late son Eric s disciple's cross. The couple desperately want the cross back.

Eric Honeycutt, 23, died in August of last year after hitting his head while jumping into the San Marcos River.

For nearly 10 years he wore a disciple s cross his parent s gave him when he was only 14.

His mother carried around that cross in her purse. It's the only item she and her husband want returned.

They can have everything, the backpack, the purse, the wallet, they said.

Getting their son's cross back is the most important thing to them. I don't care, you know, but ultimately it's our son's cross.

Eric s disciple s cross is red, white, and blue. It s a little more than one inch long.

The Honeycutt s say the thief, or thieves, have their drivers license information, including their address. They re hoping Eric s cross is mailed to them. They say there will be no questions asked.

All we could ask is, give us that part of our son back, Sandra and Marvin said. Please, please. I mean, we could never have him back, but just to hold on to (it), it's sentimental. We know that.

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