TOMBALL, Texas At least a dozen people in the Inverness Estates neighborhood woke up last week to find their cars burglarized.

There was shattered glass everywhere, said Matt Mauz. I opened the door, the center console was pulled up, the middle seat was pulled up and the glove box was open.

The crook passed up expensive electronics and a radar gun, opting instead to search for paper work.

Several neighbors had their auto insurance cards stolen and other documents that could allow a criminal to steal their identity.

Police said personal information can be just as valuable to a thief as expensive electronics.

Another victim had security cameras on his house and captured video of the burglar in action; it appears the man walked up, cut the glass window out of the victim s truck and then rummaged through his glove box.

The next morning, the victim found his auto insurance card and a gift card gone.

I won t ever leave anything in the car again, he said. Police said that s a good idea; they recommend car owners keep bills and other documents out of the car and place auto insurance cards in their purses or wallets.

Despite damage to his car, Mauz had nothing in his vehicle for the crook to take.

I don t keep paper work in my vehicle, he said. My auto insurance card is on my cell phone and I recommend everybody else do the same thing. Why leave anything with your name or address on there?

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