LUBBOCK -- A billboard in west Texas has people talking about #JesusTattoo.

The image on the billboard shows a Christ-figure posting with arms open, nail marks in his hands, a crown of thorns and a variety of tattoos reading: Outcast, Addicted, Jealous, Faithless, Hated and more.

The website for the billboard,, claims to be a small, anonymous group of people humbled by the love of Jesus. Their website claims to not be a church or to be trying to sell something or raise funds.

People gave both praise and criticism for the group's efforts.

I don't like the picture, I think it's very derogatory, one person said.

Another person called the picture blasphemous and negative.

But you know, it's a testament of our sin and nobody's perfect, said one person in support of the billboard.

The website goes on to explain who they think Jesus is, who they believe people to be in relation to Jesus and how to have a relationship with Jesus.

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