HOUSTON A Subway worker felt lucky to be alive after police say she was pistol-whipped during an armed robbery in northeast Houston Thursday evening.

I was scared. I thought I was going to die. I thought he was going to shoot me. He kept saying I m going to shoot you if you don t give me the money, Jessica Cordoba said.

She said business was slow and it was near the end of her shift when three men, one of them armed, walked into the Chevronstation on Homestead near the North Loop.

The men demanded cash from the register upfront before making their way over to the Subway restaurant where Cordoba worked.

Cordoba said she was trying to comply with their demands, but was shaky because she was afraid.

He was pointing at me with the gun. He told me to give him the money. So I was giving him the money and I got really nervous so I dropped everything. That was when he hit me with the gun, she said.

Cordoba was not seriously injured and did not need to be transported to the hospital.

The suspects remain on the loose. Police said they got away in a gray or tan Chevy Impala.

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