HOUSTON A local McDonalds policy of banning sagging pants has a lot of customers talking.

The restaurant, located on Westheimer and Kirkwood, has a sign posted reading, Pull up your pants or don t come in.

That s why I went ahead and came in. I commend them for that, one customer said.

It s private property; they have a right to enforce their rules. Sagging your pants coming in is ridiculous, another customer said.

In fact the sign goes on to say, Try to have some decency and respect of others. No one wants to see your underwear.

Pants sagging can mean you re a thug, that s what it means to me, a customer said.

No matter what the low rise pants might mean, these same folks argue banning them is un-American.

Do I think it s discriminatory? Yes, another customer said.

This is a free country, so people get to do what they want to do, if they want to walk into a store with pants sagging, it s up to them, a customer said.

Corporate McDonald s has no comment only to say that, Owner-operated franchises can customize the experience for their customers. This restaurant has turned away customers showing their underwear.

It s a health issue. Why do you want to touch a counter or sit one bench where underwear has been? a customer said.

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