HOUSTON Parents in the Cleveland Independent School district expressed concern over a bus driver s negligence that resulted in a Pre-K student being left alone on a bus at abus barn.

A Cleveland ISD spokeswoman confirmed that the little boy fell asleep on the way to school. The driver took students to Southside Primary School and then drove her bus back to the bus barn and got off, without walking the bus to make sure all the kids were off.

Poor little boy, I hope he s safe, said parent Lacy Etheridge whose daughter attends Southside.

The child is safe. After about 10 minutes, another driver heard him crying and took him to school where his parents were called in and told what happened.

The district has an automatic termination policy for drivers who leave children on buses. The driver resigned right away before being terminated.

Oh yeah, she should have because that s not right at all, Etheridge said.

Another parent, Rogelio Ortiz, also said the termination was deserved.

Yeah, he said, I think because they have to be real careful with the kids.

The driver had been on the job a year or two, according to sources, and had no other incidents on her record.

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