CLEVELAND, Texas -- The parents of a 15-year-old girl have reported a rape that sounds all too familiar to the people in the town of Cleveland.

Horrible, said Sheila Hightower. So horrible.

According to the Cleveland Advocate, the alleged gang rape of the 15-year-old happened in an abandoned house on Lamar Street and as many as many as four men might be involved.

The newspaper also reported that a 17-year-old girl was questioned in the case for possibly giving the young girl drugs.

It's sad, said a mother who didn't want to be identified. We have too many kids getting hurt in Cleveland.

Her own daughter has been home schooled since 2010, the year an 11-year-old was gang raped in the same town.

Twenty men and boys were charged with that crime. All of them have either accepted plea deals or were convicted.

Cleveland Police are investigating but have not made any arrests in this most recent case that reportedly happened last weekend.

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