PEARLAND, Texas A suspect was arrested two days after KHOU 11 News showed video of a man stealing out of cars in the Southern Trails subdivision in Pearland.

Police are blaming 42-year-old Chris Reza for at least 18 burglaries.

Neighbors were frustrated and called KHOU 11 News for help. We first showed the video of the suspect on Monday night.

We didn't even notice when someone called and said, Hey I have your wallet. that's when he realized someone broke into the car, said Stephanie Hogan, a victim.

Pearland police said the suspect saw himself on TV and shaved his head the next day, hoping no one would recognize him, but tips came in.

Investigators caught Reza on Wednesday morning.

Oh wow, that's a lot of cars. I m glad they caught him, said Kae Ramirez, another victim.

We believe he was taking these items to feed his drug habit, said Lt. Onesimo Lopez with the Pearland Police Department.

Reza is charged with burglarizing 18 cars in all. Neighbors thought a new mystery device might have been used. It s called a black box. It s a remote that disables alarms and unlocks car doors.

With interviews of the suspect and the video we looked at, no black box, all he was doing was walking through the neighborhoods, and checking for unlocked cars, Lopez said. We had heard reports of a black box being used out there.

Even though police caught Reza, they think there are other bad guys out there who are smashing car windows.

It was my daughter s car, she was getting up to go to work one morning. Her window was busted out. She had left her backpack in the car, Ramirez said. Just knowing that strangers, coming up in your driveway during the night is unnerving.

Police said Reza told them he sold the stuff to drug dealers. Police think it's highly unlikely any stolen items will be recovered.

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