SAN ANTONIO -- Hugo Olveda looked and sounded shaken. This is after he came home to learn his wife of almost ten years had been kidnapped earlier in the day.

Police said the man responsible was Daniel Dyer.

In shock, I didn't know he was capable of doing that, says Olveda. I didn't know he was going to come over here and get her out of the house.

Hugo said Dyer originally met Denise Olveda at a relative's house six months ago. Ever since, he said Dyer had become obsessed with her.

He threatened her a couple of times, says Hugo Olveda.

Those threats turned violent Tuesday afternoon according to investigators. Police said Daniel Dyer dragged Denise out of her house at gunpoint in the 100 block of Kimberly street.

He then allegedly forced her into his car. Denise Olveda's sister, who was inside the home at the time followed closely behind. Six miles later at Castroville and 36th streets the situation dramatically changed.

The sister flagged down an officer who was at a traffic stop and pointed out that there was a woman kidnapped and in distress in the vehicle, said SAPD spokesperson Javier Salazar.

The officer started to follow Dyer, who then crashed into another car as he tried to get away. His gun flew out of his hand from the impact according to police. Dyer was arrested by the officer and a nearby undercover SAPD detective.

'It could have turned out a whole lot worse and just a lot of things that fell together just perfectly there and it certainly worked out for the better, says Salazar.

Denise Olveda was treated at University Hospital for neck and back injuries. Dyer is facing a kidnapping charge but more charges are possible according to the SAPD.

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