BROOKSHIRE, Texas A 26-year marriage came to a violent, deadly end Friday after a husband killed his wife outside a Katy ISD school, then went home and killed himself, according to the Fort Bend County Sheriff s Office.

It all began when Valerie Robinson, 46, arrived at Tompkins High School in Katy, where she worked as a cafeteria worker, around 6 a.m.

Authorities say Gregory Robinson, her estranged husband, shot her in the back in the parking lot, leaving her in a pool of blood. A parent witnessed the shooting and saw Robinson, armed with a shotgun, drive off in a truck.

The high school cross-country team was on campus when it happened and heard the gunshots, but none of the students saw what happened. Two coaches instructed the students to take cover inside the school for safety, while they ran to help Valerie Robinson. The coaches performed CPR until paramedics arrived to rush her to the hospital. Doctors weren t able to save her.

Fort Bend County Sheriff s deputies tracked her husband to his home in Brookshire, where he had barricaded himself inside.

After a standoff that lasted a few hours, SWAT team members entered the home to find Gregory Robinson dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Family members were very emotional after arriving to the home and hearing the tragic news. They said the Robinsons had a rocky and abusive relationship. They said Valerie Robinson left her husband several times, but would return to give him another chance.

She wanted to make it work, said Clarissa Coleman, Valerie Robinson s sister. When she thought he changed or something changed, she d come back, and it was the same thing again and she d leave again. That was basically it.

She told me out of her own mouth. I asked her, Why, why, why did you leave? said Audrey Ephran, another sister. And she told me, Because he hit me. And I said, OK. And she said, I m not going back.

Friends say Robinson loved to cook and spend time with her family.

She was just a pleasant person, you know, I have to let you know that she was a very pleasant person, said Laticia Upshaw, a friend. A lot of times that I seen him [Gregory Robinson], he was pretty much to himself. From time to time, you know, you d see things that wasn t too pleasant.

Valerie Robinson had worked with the district for 18 years.

She had just gotten that position, from my understanding, at the new high school and this is a very sad day, Upshaw said.

Gregory Robinson once worked at a chemical plant, according to relatives. But he d been unemployed for a couple of years.

The couple had three children and some grandchildren.

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