HOUSTON -- A downed power line destroyed several vehicles this weekend in the Montrose area, and the owners want to know who is going to pay to fix their vehicles.

Witnesses said that a transformer was hit by lightning on Friday at 9 p.m.

Fire crews said that the power line that caused all this damage did not fall for more than an hour, and it wasn t for another 30 minutes after that when the vehicles were destroyed by fire sparked by the hot power lines.

Surging and you can see what it did to the concrete, said James Napier.

Napier said it made for a good show.

At different points on the line I saw fires coming up and this went on for a good hour, Napier said.

The problem was it was his car destroyed by the downed line which also put a nearby house in danger.

It was not just the cars that burned, but Saturday morning brought a shock to Kate Houge too.

My complete hatchback window is missing, Hogue said. Windshield wiper is broken.

There are plenty of other signs of damage all over the car, evidence she said of the power line falling on her car, but her only real evidence was a note left behind by Houston Police.

Houge has filed a claim with Centerpoint Energy and so far she is disappointed.

The representative told me she would call me back in five to seven business days, Houge said.

Houge says the Centerpoint representative also suggests that the company would not be liable for storm related damage.

She called back on Wednesday.

She got back to me and said since I wanted more information they are just going to completely deny my claim, Houge said.

The claim was important to Napier too since he only had liability insurance.

I was thinking the whole time I was like is this going to be covered, Napier said.

Napier filed a claim and at the time heard nothing back.

My car is completely gone and that will not change, Napier said.

CenterPoint says it can make no final decision on any of these claims until it has reviewed police reports and weather data, but the company does believe that the initial damage was caused by weather.

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