COLLEGE STATION, Texas It s the beginning of the end for a part of Texas A&M s history.

For 59-years, G. Rollie White Coliseum was the home for graduations, sporting events and even the King himself, with an Elvis Presley concert.

But it s being demolished to make way for the new Kyle Field. KBTX News 3 spoke with current and former students about the changes to come.

Construction crews are already in place for the last days of G. Rollie White Coliseum.

Click here for a construction cams at the demolition site

The Texas A&M athletic facility which has been the home to concerts, basketball and volleyball for years, is coming down for the expansion of Kyle Field.

Destruction began on Monday.

My graduation was held in May of 55 in G. Rollie, recalled former student Harry Shawver, of University Park.

Shawver is a fourth generation Aggie and was moving his granddaughter into the dorm. They built the coliseum when he was in school.

Also I have two sons; one in the class of 85 and class of 95 and they had their graduation ceremonies there. Also and my wife and I Barbara after 1960 came down to a concert to see the Kingston Trio. It was a very nice concert, he said.

It will take crews three weeks to tear down G. Rollie White Coliseum piece by piece starting with the bricks.

Student Skyler Murphy was moving in for her freshman year and believes the $450 million renovation and expansion of the stadium is a good thing.

I know it s probably like a big thing tearing down because we all like tradition what not, but I think with the new Kyle Field it ll be a whole lot new traditions, she said.

Progress you know you have to make room and there just wasn t room for it. Yeah you are always sorry to see old memories go. It was necessary I believe to make room for the new, new project, said Shawver.

During its prime around 220,000 Aggies received their diplomas inside the coliseum.

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