PEARLAND A Pearland family was heartbroken and horrified when they learned their little dog was stolen and mutilated.

Cookie was a dachshund mix and had been a special member of the Lambright family since last Christmas.

The family thinks someone grabbed Cookie from their front porch on King Arthur s Court earlier this month. A day later, she was found dead at the children s playground up the block.

My dog was white with black spots, and they cut off her spots as much as to get the fur off and then they skinned her back said Aimee Lambright.

Lambright doesn t understand how any could be so heartless.

It was a sweet dog, she said. If she came up to you, she would ve wagged her tail. She wasn t mean, doesn t bite, barely even barked.

Ten-year-old Zoey Lambright adored the little dog.

She was loving.She would play andshe would come and sleep with me Zoey said.

She laid with us, watched TV with us, always snuggled up on the couch, on top of the couch, Lambright said. She thought she was a cat.

Lambright doesn t have the heart to tell her children what really happened to Cookie. They think she was hit by a car.

Police were stunned by the brutality of the crime.

This was an intentional act that took time said Lt. Onesimo Lopez with the Pearland Police Department. It s really hard to verbalize your reaction.

Neighbors are keeping a closer eye on their pet.

Later, it could be kids and we have a neighborhood full of kids, Lambright said.

Pearland police are asking for the public s help in catching this criminal. If you know anything, please call them.

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