HOUSTON -- An independent horror movie is being shot this July in the Houston area.

Michael Biehn, best known as John Conner s father in The Terminator and Corporal Dwayne Hicks in Aliens, is spearheading the project with his actress wife, Jennifer Blanc Biehn.

Blanc/Biehn Productions is remaking Hidden in the Woods .

The movie is about two sisters escaping an abusive family of drug traffickers.

The cast swears it's not just a slasher flick.

This gives me the chills knowing it s based on a real story, said 12-year-old actor Dalton Wyatt.

It s loosely based on events in Chile which is where Director Patricio Valladares made the first version of the film.

He and the producers picked Richmond for the english-language remake partly because of the scenery.

Shooting in Texas probably gets us better production value than we would get in Los Angeles, said co-producer Louis Curci.

The low-budget film will employ 45 people for 13 days in the Houston suburb.

The film reportedly has already been accepted at a couple independent horror film festivals where it will try to find a distributer, and hopefully be released on Netflix or Video on Demand in 2014.

The film features some rising stars, including Electra Avellan, whose uncle is Texas native and director, Robert Rodriguez.

Rodriguez s films are more mainstream, from the Spykids series to action and horror. Avellan is more of a cult star.

I met people who have tattoos of my face on their bodies, Avellan said. That's very strange.

Of course, so is the movie.



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