CHAMBERS COUNTY, Texas -- A police dog has been missing for 5 days from his home in Chambers County and the officer who owns the German Shepherd is worried that someone stole him.

It's a quiet peaceful neighborhood in Wallisville, home to two peace officers, reservist David McNeely and his partner, Si.

Si earned his police certification just 3 months ago. McNeely is his handler and trainer.

It takes a lot of time one-on-one, then you spend time in a car and that's the only person you got to talk to. He's more than a dog when you spend that much time, McNeely said. He's my child. I grew him up from a puppy.

On July 5th, Si disappeared from the yard.

His training was good enough he wouldn t have just left, McNeely said.

The pair volunteers in Chambers County so deputies have been keeping an eye out for the missing dog during their patrols.

McNeely has been a reserve K9 officer for some 15 years and says Si has been very successful in his short career.

There s obviously criminals that wouldn't like to see him continue what he's doing, McNeely said.

A trained police dog can go for $8,000 to $10,000. Si is a purebred.

Most people have never seen a solid black German Shepherd, McNeely said. They're not very common.

But Si is most valuable to the man who raised and trained him.

When they succeed, that's the equivalent of watching your child win his first race, McNeely said.

A reward is being offered. If you have any information that can help, please contact the Chambers County Sheriff s Office at 409-267-2500.

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