GALVESTON, Texas -- It's peak seaweed season on Galveston beaches.

It's like brown. It looks like it's all crispy, said beach visitor Brittany Arredondo.

During the day the seaweed washes up and every night Galveston beach crews scoop it up, creating the piles.

Most people really just don't like the sight of seaweed. When they come to the beach they want to lay out and enjoy the sand and the sun and the water, said Leah Cast, spokewoman for Galveston Island, and they don't want anything else on the beach with them.

The seaweed mounds on Galveston beaches have a very good purpose.

When you leave seaweed on the beach it helps to create dunes in the sand, said Cast. It does decompose into the sand so if you can imagine, if we were to take all that seaweed off the beach we'd be taking a lot of sand and causing erosion on the beaches.

The seaweed dunes are not the best smelling thing in the world.

One man said they smell, like feet.

It smells really, really like fish, said Arredondo.

Well some people don't mind the smell, others do but the good thing is we push it away from the beach, Cast said.

To have a little fun with the situation Galveston is having an art contest. Whoever creates the best art using actual seaweed or just a seaweed theme will win $500.

For more details on the contest, visit: Galveston Park Board.

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