HOUSTON -- A gas station owner on Wayside Drive in east Houston is tired of being a victim after his store is hit multiple times by robbers in two weeks.

Mushtaq Khan said Wednesday night, two armed suspects marched into the Chevron near the East Freeway with their faces covered and demanded money.

Surveillance video shows the clerk being shoved with a gun and slapped across the face.

Gaurab Basnet left about ten minutes before the heist.

It was ridiculous, Basnet said. He was doing whatever they were telling him to do and they still slapped him. It's humiliating.

Khan said he rushed to the store but knew his clerk was fed up and wouldn't come back. He doesn't blame him one bit.

I'm getting so emotional because they hit my kid, Khan said. This is like my son.

Two weeks ago, suspects backed a truck into the store and stole an ATM.

I am so mad, Khan said. In the past few weeks, we've been hit after hit after hit.

The clerk there that night quit too.

Khan believes police know or have leads on some of the suspects, but he's frustrated no arrests have been made yet.

If you know who they are, go get the arrest warrant and go pick up these people, Khan said.

In the meantime, Khan has already ordered bullet proof glass to wrap around the register and plans to buy a gun as well.

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