HOUSTON -- Police are currently looking for a woman who they say hasopened up fraudulent bank accounts at Chase, IBC, and Bank of America.

Detectives say she isusing the names of victims who had their purses stolen out of their vehicles.

A school teacher named Crystal, who did not want to disclose her last name out of fear they might find her again, was in the process of cleaning out her classroom Tuesday when she noticed something strange. It was a stranger in her car.

I could see him through my rearview mirror inside of my car and that's when i began to yell, Crystal said.

She said the crook jumped out of her car with her purse and another box.

And he hopped into the truck that was next to him and they began to reverse all the way out of the school's driveway, Crystal said.

Police said the suspect has been writing checks and obtaining credit cards in the victim's name.

Crystal learned a valuable lesson.

Even if I think I'm going to be quick - never leave my car not locked and not secured, Crystal said.

She chased them out of the parking lot trying to get a look at the license plate, but it was a paper tag and she could not read it.

Police hope one of our viewers can identify the suspect. She has a tattoo just below her left shoulder.

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