HOUSTON Authorities are once again trying to track down the suspected gunman in the Lone Star College s North Harris campus shooting; this time for revoking his bond.

Trey Foster, who s been free on a $50,000 bond since January and was supposed to be wearing an ankle monitor, did not show up for court on Tuesday, making him a fugitive again.

That is when activist Quanell X in and got involved. He said the Harris County Sheriff s Office asked him to convince Foster to turn himself in Wednesday night.

Trey did not return the phone call and Trey did not show up as he had promised to, the activist said.

KHOU 11 News went to Foster s home and asked his mother if she knew what had happened.

He has a friend that he stays with. He has a girlfriend he might be staying with, but he s not here, Dawn Foster, Trey s mother, said.

She said he never got the ankle monitor and called that an issue with the paperwork. Foster s mother also claimed he was in the hospital being treated for tonsillitis on the day of his scheduled court appearance.

His attorney knew. His bail bondsman knew. And both courts knew that he was not going to be in court, she said.

This is not the first time Foster has been on the run.

The 22-year-old went on the run is after he allegedly injured three people during a wild campus shooting because he was angry that someone bumped him in the hallway.

Foster and his friend, Carlton Berry, were walking on campus on January 22 when a man named Jody Neal bumped into him. Foster and Neal argued briefly, then went their separate ways.

Thirty minutes later, Foster, Berry and Neal crossed paths again at the doorway of the Academic Building and the argument flared up again. That is when Foster pulled out a gun and started shooting, according to Harris County Sheriff s deputies.

Neal was shot in the abdomen and the leg. He ran to the library and collapsed.

Bobby Cliburn, a 69-year-old campus maintenance man, was an innocent bystander. He was shot in the leg.

Berry was hit in the hip. He was wearing the same colored shirt as Foster on the day of the shooting so, at first, he was identified as the shooter and arrested. But investigators cleared things up and dismissed all charges against Foster s friend on January 28.

Foster, who was named as the actual shooter, had already skipped town.

The Gulf Coast Violent Offenders Task Force tracked Foster to Plano and took him into custody a few days later. KHOU 11 News was the only crew on the scene when the handcuffed suspect returned. The gun was also recovered.

Records show Foster has a criminal history that includes charges of resisting arrest and possession of a prohibited weapon.

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