JERSEY VILLAGE We stopped by a unique party in Jersey Village where Cheri Ingram is the main attraction.

Ingram owns a mobile spray tanning business called Classy Tan.

I started off with one client a week and got real discouraged, admitted Ingram. Then, it just kind of blew up.

Ingram brings all her own equipment and sets up at the McLaurin house.

I live close to everybody, said hostess Nikki McLaurin. So, I called and said, Do you wanna get a custom tan?

This spray tan party is for six.

For $40 you can get one coat and for $10 more, she ll add an extra layer.

Nikki sent me a text message, Mandy Ponzio told us. I was like, Yeah, I ll be there.

Ingram started the mobile business a little more than two years ago and her client list keeps growing.

We just grow to be a family, said Ingram. It s weird to say, but a lot of people that I tan are friends of mine.

Ingram credits her growing popularity to online advertising, word-of-mouth and the inexpensive magnets she attaches to her car doors.

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