SPRING, Texas -- As people took shelter during the tornadoes that hit Oklahoma earlier this week, hundreds of animals were left stranded. When Dr. Clara Scott, a local veterinarian, heard about it, she came up with a plan to help.

Honestly, when I came in on Tuesday morning, I was in tears, half the staff was in tears. We said, What can we do? and we said, Let s get some dog food together and somehow we will get it up there, Scott said.

Her office posted what they needed on Facebook, and the donations started pouring in. By Friday afternoon, their post had 20,000 views.

I think this is just a tremendous gesture to help the animals of Oklahoma, Paul Saibra, who donated food, said.

For three days goods have been piling up with people bringing pet food, blankets, water, leashes and bowls. Companies joined in, donating antibiotics, trash bags and even money for gas.

The clinic has also gotten goods to give to people affected by the tornado.

You think when you are taking a shower, we have a shower to get in, we have food to eat, it s nothing, Scott said. They (the victims) have nothing, so anything people wanted to give, we are throwing it in the trailer, and we are taking it up there.

Scott says it s not just about the things they are bringing, but the support they can offer to those who lost so much, so quickly in one afternoon.

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