SPRING, Texas A 14-year-old boy said a baseball teammate s dad assaulted him and now investigators have charged the man.

He said it happened on Monday, April 29 when the North Park Sports league was practicing at Dueitt Middle School on Eagle Crossing.

According to 14-year-old Zack Beaver, Juan Montgomery began yelling at him when he started doing drills wrong.

I m like, Can you please stop screaming at me? recalled Zack. He kind of pushed me, so I turned around and walked away.

His older brother Josh Beaver said he saw the whole thing.

I was starting to cry a little bit, said 15-year-old Josh. I was so mad that he was doing that to my little brother.

Zack said he was assaulted by Montgomery, who is a teammate s dad.

He grabbed me from the neck, said Zack. I couldn t breathe. He threw me on the ground, and then picked me up by the shirt and held my arms down and started screaming at me.

Josh ended up in the middle and broke up the altercation as their mom rushed to the field.

If I was doing that to him, I would get (accused of) child abuse, said Tasha Beaver. It s unacceptable, so we pressed charges on him.

Montgomery has been charged with injury to a child and was arrested.

Don Kretzer, a representative for the league, which is a ministry of North Park Baptist, said Montgomery s actions were unacceptable.

You don t harm a child, said Kretzer. Period.

Kretzer said all of their coaches go through training, screenings and background checks.

He said Montgomery was not a coach and shouldn t have been on the field.

He s a parent who should be in the stands, just like every other parent, he said.

The Beaver family and court records indicate that Montgomery said he was sorry.

He admitted it and kept apologizing, said Tasha Beaver. I told him it was unacceptable.

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