LA PORTE, Texas Cell phone video of a fight in La Porte proves that an adult did not attack a child, according to the father accused of assaulting a little boy.

I don t hurt kids, said Quinton Bell, who spent a week behind bars on charges he kicked a 7-year-old boy. The incident occurred last week at a playground across the street from Bell s La Porte home.

The video, which only includes a 30-second portion of the fracas, shows Bell s two sons fighting with 7-year-old Anthon Vaca.

Bell said Vaca was bullying one of his sons.

I told the little one to go get his bigger brother. And then I said 'if he keeps messing with your brother, both of you all beat him up.'

Last week, Vaca told his mom that Bell attacked him.

He said he stepped on him and yanked him and pulled him to the ground, said Jennifer Yates.

But Bell claimed he only touched Vaca to help separate the boys after they were done fighting with one another.

But I didn t punch him or hit him, said Bell.

Police arrested Bell in front of his kids.

They didn t want to hear my side of the story or anything, he added.

And Bell said if given the chance, he wouldn t change a thing.

I don t think it was a mistake because if you re bullying my kid, I m going to tell him to fight, he said.

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