HOUSTON Pearland police are warning car owners about thieves targeting vehicles in the area neighborhoods.

It most recently happened in the 2900 block of Water Willow Lane. Thieves stole tires and rims from several vehicles in the neighborhood.

One man found his 2012 Silverado pickup truck on blocks.

You feel violated, he said. Go out and work hard for what you want.

The man did not want to be identified. He lives down the street from where another set of wheels were stolen the same night.

The thieves struck in the middle of the night. At one house, the criminals stole four rims and tires from a vehicle that was sitting in a driveway. The whole thing was caught by a surveillance camera mounted on the home.

The video was not available, but the Cadillac Escalade s owner said two hooded men stole all his tires in less than 10 minutes.

A few houses down, and just a day earlier, Tommy Hamby said his truck was stolen from his driveway.

I don t know what to think. How can they do it and nobody sees who it is? he said.

Pearland police said they believe the same criminals stole wheels from three other cars in the area.

Officers are asking drivers to install wheel locks to prevent this from happing to them.

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