FRIENDSWOOD, Texas -- A death threat has put officials at Friendswood High School on alert.

A parent notified the district on Tuesday that their student saw some threatening graffiti on campus.

The message written on a stall in a boy s restroom said, 5/3/13 all will [expletive]die.

The district believes the message was written on Monday.

Students said the stall is now blocked off.

It's kinda freaky, but things in Friendswood are normally jokes, said sophomore Annica Marcuccio. I'm hoping it might be one. It's kinda freaky. I m hoping it doesn't happen.

Annica said many students are planning to stay home Friday. The school district issued a statement Wednesday, saying absences due to the graffiti will be counted as unexcused.

Friendswood police have been notified. They will be providing extra security and sweeps of the campus are scheduled.

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