HOUSTON A suspected predator in Crosby is using Facebook to target high school girls, school officials said.

The man is using the social networking website to offer the girls gifts and money.

I was scared. I would even lock my bedroom door. It was freaking me out, said Jaci, one of the victims.

Jaci is 17 years old and a senior at Crosby High School.

I got on Facebook and got a message from a guy I didn t even know, she said.

This is what he went by on Facebook: Hunter Allen, said Jaci s mom, Carrie.

In the first message the predator wrote the following:

Jaci I have seen you work at all these dead end jobs while going to school, crawfish hut, and Baytown seafood. I would hate to not see you with all the money you need for college. I would love to help you out with everything you might need in the future. I could start with an annual 10,000 dollar scholarship. Let me know if your interested.

Another message says:

Look I m going to be the one and take some risk on you. What do you need or want for 100 dollars. I will buy it for you, hide it in public somewhere, and you can pick it up and keep it.

I told her stop in this parking lot on the way to school said her mom.

The online predator did just that. He left $100 and a letter under a pole.

My heart fell to my toes, I was scared to death said Jaci s mom.

He knew where I worked, things about me that weren t on my Facebook. I felt like he had followed me before, said Jaci.

Jaci isn t the only victim. School officials said the man tried to lure two other students. Jaci is so nervous she tries to disguise herself.

I would always wear a jacket, wear sunglasses, maybe he won t recognize me, said Jaci.

The man didn t realize he was trackable. Jaci said he left his location button on on his iPhone.

We noticed the ping on her phone and two different messages, said Jaci.

The family went to the authorities.

They told me this man is smart enough, the verbiage he has used is on his messages, he has not broken the law, my daughter is 17 and is legal in Texas, said Mom.

Dr. Keith Moore, the superintendent said they sent out a Facebook message, and letters home to parents notifying them about what happened.

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