SAN ANTONIO -- A border watchdog group says a startling new video supports its claim that illegal border crossings are at an all-time high.

The video has surfaced at a time when immigration reform is being debated on Capitol Hill. Some argue budget cuts have hindered border security.

Thermal imaging video footage captured by Texas Border volunteers purportedly shows 50 to 60 illegal immigrants trespassing on private land.

The watchdog group posted its video on YouTube. It says the activity shown was recorded on March 28.

Soon after seeing this large group of immigrants, they called the Border Patrol. KENS 5 has been told a large number were taken into custody.

The video was made, I think, to show a point about the border, Congressman Pete Gallego said. He said he supports immigration reform.

The immigration bill would require background checks and proof of long ties to our country, Gallego said.

On the other hand, another border watchdog said that videos like this one show the U.S.-Mexico border is not secure. The watchdog said the current budget sequester has encouraged more people to attempt to cross the border.

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