HARRIS COUNTY -- A Harris County Constable Office Precinct 5 deputy is accused of fondling a woman who asked him for help. It reportedly happened two months ago at the Rodeo Houston Cookoff at Reliant Park.

The incident was reported back then, but charges are just being filed.

The 23-year-old told investigators she became separated from her parents that night. According to documents, 42-year-old Tommy Forgue offered to help her find her mother and father.

Forgue, who was working a side job, was in full uniform.

The young woman willingly got into his unmarked vehicle but says Forgue began trying to force her to do things she wasn t willing to do. Documents say Forgue threatened to arrest her for public intoxication when she got out of his car.

Forgue eventually reunited the young woman with her parents. Her father says he quickly realized this was no good deed.

I was thanking him and shook his hand. As soon as he pulled away she told me what he had done, said the young woman s father. He was pulling at her top and made her show him her breasts.

We re concealing the father s identity to protect that of his daughter.

The father says he wanted to take justice into his own hands but refrained.

I was burning mad. That was my reaction. I m right behind him, and there s nothing I can do. I m following him on the feeder road to 610, he recalled.

He says he snapped a photo of Forgue s license plate. His daughter reported the incident to authorities.

The only thing we want out of it is it not to happen again to somebody. That s it, he said.

Documents say Forgue reached over and pulled the woman s shirt down, exposing her nipple, and then began touching the side of her breast.

Forgue has reportedly denied the allegations. The alleged victim s father now hopes justice will come from the courts.

He s going to face the consequences for this. He s messed with our life. Now we re going to mess with his.

Forgue reportedly let the young woman use his cell phone on that February night.

She texted a friend and asked for help. She also says she called her family s home, and Forgue s number was stored on their caller ID.

Forgue is charged with official oppression and is on administrative leave. The misdemeanor charge can lead up to one year in jail.

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