CYPRESS -- At Cypress Woods High School, junior Jordan Davis is sharing a lesson with fellow classmates they won t find in any textbook. It s a life lesson.

I know the town pretty well, and coming from a small town, all the small towns around it have to stick together to stay strong for each other, said Davis.

Davis lived just a few miles away from West up until three years ago. When saw the drama playing out on TV, he said he just knew he had to do something.

I came to school this morning, and I was thinking maybe I could get a few friends together and get some supplies for them, said Davis.

He s incredible, said Andrea VanSickle, one of Davis teachers. He s an excellent honor student, and I m so proud of him.

The plight of West weighs heavily on many minds, with its residents so much in need.

Gallery Furniture was accepting cash, food and blankets on Thursday. And all over the state, people have been giving blood after the call went out it was in short supply.

KHOU 11 News has also teamed up with Randall s and the American Red Cross for the Neighbors in Need Disaster Relief Fund, which allows you to make a donation at checkout.

Every dollar that comes in through Randall s will be extremely helpful, said Cameron Valentine of the American Red Cross. It s helping set up shelters. It s getting the supplies there. It s a pillow. It s a blanket. It s the mean someone is going to have in the shelter. It s clean up supplies that are going to be essential after a disaster like this.

Also essential: the kindness of strangers like Jordan Davis, who will continue to collect supplies at Cypress Woods High.

We re going to have trucks and trailers ready to roll out Saturday morning, said Davis. We re going to load them up and head out.

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