HOUSTON Wednesday afternoon brought unsubstantiated rumors, picked up as truth by several national news organizations, that an arrest had been made in the Boston Marathon bombings.Fort Bend County marathoners Wanda Buxton and Susie Eisenberg-Argo were glued to the television coverage hoping the announcement was true.

There s a bit of relief that they ve got somebody under arrest and that this person didn t just go unseen, said Eisenberg-Argo. In the next half hour they would learn that the reports were premature and that the search for a suspect was ongoing. The women would also continue searching for their own sense of peace after all they witnessed.

Eisenberg-Argo was just feet away from the first bomb. She can be seen running through the smoke and debris on the opposite side of the street. Her friend Wanda Buxton, both with the running club Fort Bend Fit, had crossed the finish line just minutes before.

They don t have the noise on there, Eisenberg-Argo said of the TV coverage of the explosion she was watching. The sound of the explosion still haunts her. And periodically you ll hear it on there and it s just, when I heard was really loud.

Both women returned to Fort Bend County late Tuesday night. They say they haven t been able to sleep much. They say they can t because the images from Boston keep racing through their minds. And they feel the need to stay glued to television and Internet reports on the search for a suspect and the condition of the survivors.

Oh yeah. My mind won t shut down, said Eisenberg-Argo. It s scary. I mean it s scary. What ifs, she said of her recurring thoughts. A lot of, what ifs.

I ve had a hard time turning it off, said Buxton. The first thing I did when I got out of bed this morning was turn on the TV.

But while they watch all these images and deal with the ones that still haunt them, they both promise they will be back in Boston next year. This was Buxton s fifth time competing in the Boston Marathon. It was Eisenberg-Argo s tenth consecutive Boston race.

We ll be probably a little bit apprehensive, Buxton said of their plans to compete in Boston again next year. But it won t stop us from towing the line and doing this all over again.

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