HOUSTON At least four bomb threats have been made at Harris County buildings in downtown Houston during the past two days, police sources said.

One person called the Houston Police Department saying there was a bomb in the criminal courthouse located in the 1200 Block of Franklin Street.

One person, who works in the building where criminal trials are held, said there was a lot of concern in light of the bombings in Boston.

Constable Alan Rosen said his bomb sniffing dogs constantly patrol county buildings year round.

We have been doing this for a while, so this is nothing new. We haven t changed any of our mechanism. We re just reviewing all of our procedures and all of our operations to insure that we have everything taken care of, Rosen said.

No bombs were found at the courthouse and sheriff s building next door Tuesday.

Raunda Lindsey, a court counselor, said she was ordered to evacuate the courthouse last week.

I had to walk 14 floors down, and I don t know what happened, but it s much much safer to have the dogs here, she said.

Investigators do not know what inspired the threats.

However, what happened in Boston has officers checking even more carefully than usual.

Constable Alan Rosen said his agency s dogs are some of the best in the country.

Deputy Constable Joel Garcia worked his golden retriever outside the criminal courthouse Wednesday.

Garcia said the dog, named Guera (English translation: blondie) , was looking for any unattended vehicles or unattended packages.

Garcia and Guera didn t find anything unusual.

Officers said they hope the mere presence of the dogs and their handlers will help deter anyone from planting a bomb.

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