HOUSTON -- Several runners from the Houston area took part in Monday s Boston Marathon.

KHOU 11 News spoke with Ruthie Miller, of Houston, Monday afternoon from her Boston hotel room.

She said she could still hear the sounds of sirens as first responders worked to piece together what happened.

A difference of just a few minutes could have had a much different impact on her husband, Adam Miller, who ran the race.

My husband ran and he finished in 3:54. The explosion was at 4:09, so it was about 15 minutes after he finished, said Ruthie Miller, who is six months pregnant.

Ruthie Miller traveled to Boston with her husband and their one-year-old son on Saturday.

We had kind of cleared out of the finish area. My son and I were waiting for him, pretty much right across the street from where it happened from what it looked like, said Miller. We were not in the area at the time.

Never did the Miller family think the race would end like this.

Immediately after, you could hear sirens everywhere, Miller said. Our hotel is right in the thick of it -- a couple yards from the finish line.

As the Millers sit and wait in their hotel room, they say they do feel safe where they are now. They are praying for the people who were hurt and killed.

We are just glad to be safe back at our hotel, Miller said.

The Miller family is supposed to come back to Houston on Wednesday, but their plans could now change.

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