HOUSTON A Houston man secretly videotaped his girlfriend, then tried to blackmail her with the sexually explicit footage after the two of them broke up, according to Houston police.

Seth Tristan Santikos, 29, was charged with improper photography/ visual recording.

The ex-girlfriend said she and Santikos dated from 2005 to 2011, but continued to communicate from time to time after they broke up. One night, the two were texting each other when Santikos asked her if she wanted to see a video of the two of them. The woman did not know what video he was speaking of and asked to see it.

To her horror, Santikos sent an almost two-minute video clip of the two of them engaged in a sexual act. She recognized it was recorded toward the end of their relationship, based off of her hairstyle, and had no idea that he filmed her. He then threatened to upload the video to the Internet and tag her in it so others could see it, investigators said.

He tried to make a deal with her, saying he would erase it if she came over and watched it with him. The ex-girlfriend refused, and contacted police the following day.

Investigators believe the woman did not know she was being recorded. They said the angle of the video made it appear the recording device was hidden in a closet or somewhere else out of sight.

Charges were filed and bail for Santikos was set at $2,000.

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