KELLER Outside his Keller home, Chris Heisler of The Honor Network shared troubling concerns raised by the family of Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife Cynthia, who were found murdered at their residence last weekend.

Heisler said he was designated the family's spokesman, and with the funerals complete, the McLellands have moved from grief to anger.

After Mark Hasse s incident, the family was angry, as Mark Hasse s family was. These people are furious now, Heisler said, describing conversations he has had with family members over the past seven days.

He referred to the death of assistant district attorney Mark Hasse, who was shot and killed outside the Kaufman County Courthouse on January 31. At that time, Heisler SAID McLelland told his family the county s resources were being stretched too thin.

They were concerns from Mike... Mike himself, Heisler said. How can we get this guy? Do we have enough resources? Are we adequately supplied to handle this?

McLelland also worried about the safety of his staff. Heisler said the family is not trying to be critical of law enforcement, but realizes that their numbers in Kaufman County are few.

They are doing a great job, but there s not many of them, Heisler said. So if you are going to put folks to secure the officials, who is doing the investigating?

The investigation into the McLellands' murders is being conducted jointly by the Kaufman County Sheriff s Office, the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Texas Rangers and the FBI.

A $200,000 reward is being offered in the case, but Heisler and the family are working to increase it... along with the odds that the killer or killers will soon be caught.

These guys are aggressive, and the money is going to be paid out to bring you in, Heisler said. They re going to be celebrating while you are in prison. If you make it that far.

News 8 contacted the Kaufman County Sheriff s office. A spokesperson declined to comment on any of the concerns raised, saying he had spoken with another representative of the McLelland family who told him family members had not released any official statement on the investigation.

A tip line has been established at 877-847-7522.

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