SAN ANTONIO -- A robotics team from Mexico had its robot stolen when the FedEx truck shipping it was hijacked. As a result, the team almost canceled its trip to San Antonio until a group from Brandeis High School stepped in to help.

Their crate, which contained their robot, equipment and tools, was on a FedEx truck that was hijacked before it made it from Mexico over to the states, saidMichael Blake, who heads the robotics team at Brandeis.

The Bronc Botz from Brandeis High School are now assisting the Mexican team. The Alamo-First Regional Competition is this weekend and the team should be ready.

It's been mostly facilitating them. They know what to do. They've built a robot, Blake said. They're a rookie team and we're helping them basically providing materials and back up.

The robot that was stolen took six weeks to build, the team had 48 hours to build a new one and they're confident about the competition.

It's just amazing what they have done for us, Daniel Michel said. We cannot pay them with anything. It's just amazing how supportive they are. I am absolutely sure that we are going to give our best.

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