SAN ANTONIO -- The city is still pushing dancers to wear at least bikini tops. It's all part of a city law that was passed back in December, but has yet to be enforced because a temporary restraining order placed the law on hold until further notice.

On Tuesday, a federal judge said things will remain at status quo, which means dancers at a number of adult establishments and clubs will continue performing and wearing only pasties.

But the city feels the clubs should have to file as sexually-oriented businesses, or at least wear triangle bikini tops.

During Tuesday's hearing, attorneys representing the plaintiff said the current ordinance is a violation of dancers' first amendment rights.

The ordinance also states if the dancers go topless, then they should have to wear identification badges. Defense attorneys compared it to having to carry immigration papers.

A federal judge ruled the ordinance will not be enforced until a final ruling is made in the case.

Court proceedings should continue in a couple weeks.

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