MEYERLAND -- A young man on a bike was shot dead by police in Meyerland Thursday afternoon.

Houston police say the man had broken into a vehicle, so they went after him.

Brenda Lauten witnessed the incident that ended in the 4900 block of Dumfries around 4:30 p.m. She said an officer just happened to pass by moments after the suspect took off with the stolen bag.

Lauten says she saw the young suspect peddle past after grabbing her neighbor's tote bag from the back of her SUV.

Lauten then saw a police officer and flagged him down. She watched as the chase started.

Officials said the suspect dumped his getaway bike at a nearby bank and ducked down on the side of a house. An officer soon located him.

An officer named D. Rivera, who's been on the force since September 2010, told the suspect to come out.

He gives him repeated verbal commands to stand up to show his hands, said Victor Senties with the Houston Police Department. The suspect gets up quickly throws his jacket in the face of Officer Rivera and at the same time lunges at him with two pairs of scissors.

Senties says what the officer did next was not by choice.

The officer fired multiple shots. The suspect died.

Lauten was asked by police to go to the crime scene. She said it was an uncomfortable feeling.

If I was just not outside this wouldn't be going on, she said. I kind of feel guilty.

Police are praising Brenda for watching out for her neighbor.

Police have not released the name of the suspect, but they say he might be homeless.

Officer D. Rivera fired the fatal shots and as procedure goes, he is on administrative duty for three days.

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