TOMBALL -- Friends are standing behind the Tomball High School student who was arrested for having a shotgun in his truck parked on school grounds.

Seventeen-year-old Brett Ball is in jail on a felony charge of unlawfully carrying a weapon in a prohibited place.

Police say they found a 20 gauge shotgun in Ball s pickup truck on Thursday. The gun was not loaded, but officers say they found three shotgun shells inside the truck.

Friends insist Ball never intended to harm anybody, and they believe this is a big misunderstanding.

Everyone s heartbroken for him. They feel bad. It sucks, said friend Mitchell Carlile.

Police say Ball was arrested after a dispute with another student.

The two apparently had an argument off-campus on Wednesday. During that argument, police say there were allegations that Ball revealed the stock of his shotgun.

As Ball walked into school on Thursday morning, police were waiting with handcuffs.

I ve known Brett since the 2nd grade. Our family is pretty much best friends with his family. He didn t bring the gun intentional to do anything, added Mitchell Carlile.

Friends believe Ball forgot the gun was in his truck. They also believe it was the other student who started the fight.

That other student s mother is the one who reportedly tipped off police which subsequently led to Ball s arrest.

They were mad at each other. I can understand they were wanting to figure it out by themselves, said friend Joshua Hay.

Friends insist Ball isn t the one who belongs behind bars. However, police say having the gun on the school s property is grounds for an arrest.

I don t have much to say about it because there s nothing to say about it. It s wrong, said Daniel Bett, a former Tomball High School who defends Ball.

Ball s mother spoke with KHOU over the phone. She said the family is devastated by the arrest, but also said that their attorney had advised them to not talk about it.

Tomball ISD said it immediately sent text and email alerts to parents after the gun was found in Ball s truck.

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