They were born at a time with no cell phones, computers or the Internet. But many seniors got a chance to expand their horizons Thursday and learn all about the tech world.

The Senior Tech Rally Class was held for seniors to learn all the ins and outs of the information age. The classes are sponsored by AARP and AT&T, and so far they have had huge turnouts nationwide.

Nowadays, kids seem to pick up any device at any age and can master them, but seniors have no experience with these devices and now want to catch up.

You literally have to put the device in their hands and just walk them through the basics features, said Philip Jordan of Senior Tech Rally. And from there they begin to have simple pleasures.

At the beginning of the class, two or three of the seniors knew how to text. By noon, everyone was doing it. Then, they were learning about turn-by-turn maps on a smart phone.

This little sucker showed us how to get from our house to here. Dude, I like it, Don Castellano said.

The classes will be held in several locations throughout the nation.

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