HOUSTON - If you look at former Houston Cougars CB DJ Hayden now, then the thought of him possibly playing in the NFL isn t that far off. He s thankful not because he s getting that chance but because he s alive.

Coming into the year, Hayden was listed as one of the top corners in college football. Through 9 games, he had 61 tackles, 4 interceptions, 2 touchdowns and scouts watching his every move.

That is until a normal Tuesday practice on November 6th.

Hayden and a teammate collided during a play, his chest coming in contact with the other players knee. He was rushed to the hospital where doctors found that he had a tear in the main vessel leading into the heart, an injury which has a 3 percent chance of survival and one that surely would derail his dream of the NFL.

However, 3 months of rehab at Plex Performance in Stafford have brought him back to health and this weekend, he will travel to Indianapolis for the NFL Combine. Although he won t do his actual workout tryout until his Pro Day on March 18th, he is happy to be able to say he made it.

KHOU 11 Sports reporter Daniel Gotera has his story.

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