HOUSTON An elderly man whose home was destroyed by an overnight fire said he thinks the blaze may have been set by the same person who threw acid on his front porch a couple months ago.

It was around 12:45 a.m. Friday when the Houston Fire Department responded to the fire at a one-story home on Green Meadow at De Priest. It was already fully engulfed when firefighters started to battle it.

Firefighters said they had trouble fighting the blaze because of debris on the property.

Two neighbors across the street were credited with saving the elderly homeowner s life. They said they saw the flames before HFD arrived and ran across the street to wake up the man and get him out safely.

Herbert Glass, 77, said he has no doubt someone set his house on fire on purpose. He didn t want to elaborate on who would do it.

Glass friends and neighbors are thankful that he made it out of his house alive.

Even though he doesn t have insurance, Glass was looking on the bright side. He was happy to see his dog come back home. He ran off during the fire. Glass is focusing on what he does have and taking what he doesn t have, in stride.

The same thing that happened to me could happen to somebody else so you just got to keep on living, he said. I hate it happened, but there s nothing I can do about it.

I was see him out, said neighbor King Jackson. The fire started from the back and it was booming and blazing, all kinda stuff. It was a hectic fire.

Surviving a hectic fire is certainly evidence of good fortune and Glass experienced a smaller bit of good fortune as well. When firefighters returned to fight hot spots they found a pot of money on top of the hot water heater.

Glass said his god mother must have hidden it there years ago. He had no idea it was there.

Some of the bills had burned, but several hundred dollars appeared to be intact. The money comes at an opportune time for the senior citizen who is faced with starting all over with nothing.

A Houston Fire Department Arson spokesman said their investigation should conclude early next week.

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