HOUSTON Houston police on Wednesday found the remains of a baby who was allegedly dumped in a trash can at home in southwest Houston. Officers had a hard time finding theinfant's remains becausethe mother gave several conflicting reports.

Officers spent most of the morning scouring the La Casita apartments in northeast Houston, where the mother first said she placed the baby. They carefully canvassed the grounds and searched through dumpsters, but could not find any signs of the missing child.

She said she dumped it in a dumpster, but I don t know exactly where at, said Ruben Orosco, a maintenance man.

She told the nurse, I gave birth to a baby, she said she disposed of the baby by wrapping it in a blanket and dumping it in some dumpster, said Officer Mailow Seto, Houston Police Department.

After police searched for several hours, the mother changed her story.

She admitted at Memorial Hermann Southwest that she was 22 to 25 weeks pregnant and did not want to have the baby.Her boyfriend would not give her money to have an abortion, so she took a large amount of pills in an effort to force it out, according to police.

The mom said she delivered the baby in the bedroom of a home on Tambourine Drive, then threw it in the trash can.

Just to hear that, it makes me want to cry, said Yazmin Lara. It s sad. I mean, a baby is a blessing. Why would she do that?

No charges have been filed at this time. Police are waiting for the medical examiner to determine if the child was born alive or dead.

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